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TomTom GO Manual

TomTom GO Manual

Note: Some of the material below is duplicated from the Quick Start Guide that came with your TomTom system, for your convenience.

Switching on for the first time

Starting up

  1. Refer to your installation poster for setup instructions.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions, using your finger on the touchscreen to select your preferences.

Using TomTom GO

Note: Your TomTom GO does not transmit your location, so others cannot use it to track you while driving.

TomTom GO starts by displaying the navigation view. The screen will appear in black and white until your TomTom GO locates your current position. Once this is done, the navigation view is shown in full color. In future, your position will be found much faster, normally within a few seconds. Everything on TomTom GO can be accomplished easily using just your finger on the touchscreen. Note: you can bring up the main options menu by tapping your finger somewhere in the middle of the screen.

As with many of the menus in TomTom GO, there are more options than can be shown on one screen. Try tapping on Arrow-head a few times, to cycle through all the different things you can do.