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TomTom MOBILE 5 / NAVIGATOR 5 Manual - 9

TomTom MOBILE 5 / NAVIGATOR 5 Manual

Common Questions and Troubleshooting

Here are some of the questions you may need to ask. For more questions and answers, see www.tomtom.com

Why is the navigation view now in black and white? Why won't 'Navigate to...' work?
If the GPS receiver loses reception from the orbiting satellites, usually due to surrounding tall buildings, the map display is switched into monochrome, to warn you that the information shown may not be accurate at that moment. As soon as reception is regained, the display will automatically switch back to colour.

How do I get support?
Visit www.tomtom.com for technical support and contact information. Our preferred means of communication is by email.

How can I find out my TomTom system's software version and serial number?
On any route summary screen, tap the software version number is shown in a box beneath the GPS satellite status icon. If you tap the box, you'll see more details of your system's configuration and the current map. You can also display this information by using the Preference 'Show version' .

Why should I register on the TomTom web site (updates, support, etc)?
Registering your product gives you access to all the latest news about your TomTom system and will help us to supply you with the best possible support.

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